By | August 10, 2018

When you earn a lot, it’s tempting to spend a lot. And a lot of high-earning professional athletes do: NFL star Drew Brees and soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo both own multimillion-dollar sports cars.

But not every rich athlete spends millions on fancy rides. Quarterback Kirk Cousins drives a dented GMC Savana passenger van that he bought from his grandma for $5,000. Dallas Cowboys running back Alfred Morris still drives a 26-year-old Mazda 626 sedan that he bought for $2.

GoCompare, a British financial services comparison site, rounded up some of the cheapest cars owned by the world’s richest athletes. Sure, some of them own several vehicles, but here are five NBA and NFL stars who at one point bought cars listed at less than $30,000.

GoCompare used British pounds in its report but provided CNBC Make It with the cost of the cars in U.S. dollars.

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