Category: Career Making

Steps In Career making

STEP 1- Self Assessment Gather information about yourself, like for example; Interests Values Roles Skills/Aptitudes Preferred Environments Developmental Needs Your realities

Career Planning

A career is a course of successive situations that make up some activity. One can have a sporting career or a musical career, but most frequently “career” in the 21st century references a working existence: the series of jobs or positions by…Read More »

Body building

Bodybuilding is a form of body modification, intense muscle hypertrophy. person who engages in this activity will be considered as a bodybuilder.

Employee Motivation

Be decisive in hiring. Every company has a personality , a culture. If new hires fit into that culture, they’ll adapt to what’s required and learn to do the job. If they don’t fit into that culture, they’ll never learn and will…Read More »