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Crisis Management And Dealing With The Team

When a company is facing a huge challenge, there can be various ways in which the leaders to sort the issue. These methods can shape the crisis unfolded.

Sales Strategy Formulation

Definition: Total amount collected for goods and services provided. If payment is not for the recognition of revenue on the financial statements of companies, 

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is a set of tools and techniques which guide your thinking to enable you to develop a strategy which makes competition irrelevant and creates high profit growth.

Business Strategy

Business  word is From Greek strategost, the general  art ,Deployment of resources to pursue military campaign objectives,

Influence of Market Position on Strategy

To formulate marketing strategy, we have focused so far on the sorts of model and approaches to planning


Marketing warfare term used to explain certain technique and strategy marketers use in their everyday life.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is type of marking in attract customer through their emotions and gives  them a logical mean to connected with the company. In simple term experiential marketing is based upon customer’s “experience” and customer’s “response”. It is completely different from traditional…Read More »

Marketing Study

Marketing is a social process involving the activities necessary to enable individuals and organizations to obtain what they need and want through exchanges with others and to develop ongoing exchange relationships.