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Money is anything that generally accepted as payment. It’s useful because you can buy things with it, either now or later. Money is an important commodity as humans need light, water and clothes all of these necessities can only be purchase by money.

Money is created after barter system .barter system is that type of system in which commodities are exchange by commodities. At that system the people are facing many difficulties in exchanging of goods it’s worth of a product  and so on so forth, money is now cover up these threat .money gives us Exchange of value that help us to purchase items and lots off things.

Money have it’s own significant importance in today’s world, when ever where ever a person need food, drinks hence each and every necessities is full fill by money. It’s paid as gift ,it’s give luxuries life and hence every thing ,in past days people can not stored theirs perishable items they must have to sell them with in the limit time this problem is easily be solved by money(paper currency).

Just to analyses that with out money does we can develop our country the answer is no not at all because government need tax and if there is no currency then how a C.B.R can collect money to store and use. The answers is money has an important role for developing the countries governments expenditure and budgets is use make in forecasting of money income here also money get it’s main part.

Money has some measure of values we can measure the product through paper currency it gives as a standard of measuring the cost of a product at reasonable price to a certain limits hence without money we can’t  manage price levels and without it there is no concepts of record keeping .

In olden days people use to travels for goods but in return they get goods which can is very heavy loaded to travels but because of money people use credit card, traveler cheques or paper money. Money makes life easy and more convenient that never before.

Money is the most liquidized asset on earth if a person want to save it he/ she do not worried about that it can’t be use afterward. Money can be use at any time and easily be converted into purchasable form so we can also say it that it gives satisfaction to persons.

Hence money makes our life easy and comfortable and help us in every day life and become a most important part of our life.

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