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Top 7 Crypto currency in the Market

Top 7 Crypto currency in the Market Definition: These are the coins that we think are the most valid to invest in and explore for new coin users (not simply the coins with the highest market cap, value, or most relevance alone).…Read More »

World Largest Truck Caterpillar

The biggest truck in the world is fast becoming the biggest vehicle in the robotics world. Computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University.

SWOT Analysis of Solar Energy

Learn about the strength weakness Opprotunity and threats of Sloar energy

Nike-Philip Knight’s Success Story

“Play by the rules. But be ferocious.” Starting the Business Like Fred Smith and the origins of FedEx, Philip Knight’s first ideas of what would become Nike Inc. came to him while he was at school. While working on his master’s at Stanford,…Read More »

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is a set of tools and techniques which guide your thinking to enable you to develop a strategy which makes competition irrelevant and creates high profit growth.

Influence of Market Position on Strategy

To formulate marketing strategy, we have focused so far on the sorts of model and approaches to planning

World Richest Man Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett born August 30, 1930. He is an American investor, businessman and philanthropist.

Marketing Study

Marketing is a social process involving the activities necessary to enable individuals and organizations to obtain what they need and want through exchanges with others and to develop ongoing exchange relationships.