The Frog and a deep Pit Story

The Frog and a deep Pit

The Frog and a deep Pit this motivational story is all about the noises we hear around the world.

Let start the story  their is a group of frogs were traveling from one pond to another while in between their is a land in which there is a big deep pit , while when the frogs were traveling two of the frogs were fell down into a deep pit , and they are shouting to call other to help.

When the other frogs crowded around the pit and saw that it is very deep and talking with each other that we can not help them to get them up into that pit, they told the those two frogs that their is no chance that they can come out from that pit.

Though, both frogs decided to not consider what other are saying and ignore them and try to jump out of that pit, despite their efforts , the frogs that are top of the pit are still saying that they should just give up, their efforts were never make them up and they would never make it out.

Certainly , one of the frogs heed up to the other frogs and lose hope and gave up to  falling down and death, while other frog is still jumping as hard as he could but the crowd of frogs are yelled and shouting on him to stop not take pain their is no hope ultimate you will die.

More the other frogs yelled the harder the frog jumped and at last finally he made it out , when he come out the frogs were surprised  and said  ,” Did you not hear us? ”

Frog explained to them that he was deaf, He thought that they  were encouraging him all the time.

Moral Of the Story:

Their are lot of people that are trying to make you down and always taught you you can not do it while struggling and full efforts make you successful even then you fail one time try it as many time as you can never stop doing.


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